925 Silver, hand engraved Elforyn, upcycled pearls


Hiding. When worn, this pendant flatters the neck, with the two chain elements and pearls gently resting on the skin, while the eye engraved on the Elforyn curiously peeks out from behind the geometric elements.

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beneath the surface

Unique necklace

925 Silver, Gold, synthetic stones, re-used 925 silver chain




This pendant hides three stones and a small amount of gold beneath its burnt and cracked silver surface.

The cracks are delicately stitched together, serving more as a temporary fix to prevent complete breakage.

Often, we seek refuge behind the trials we've faced, presenting only our resilient facade to the world.

Yet deep down, our true desire is to reveal our inner selves, yearning for connection while grappling with the fear of being wounded once more.

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